It was by now the early 90's, and I was beginning to have many paranormal experiences. One day, while in the midst of giving healings, I felt a huge power emerge from the depths of my heart and move up into my throat and suddenly a very strange language burst forth from out of my mouth! I felt totally overpowered by this force, and as I allowed myself to speak I noticed that the energies of the body of the person on whom I was working seemed to respond to and understand this language. I received the guidance that Max the crystal skull would understand this language too! So I flew to Houston and my friend Mae (who had also begun speaking in the same strange language as myself!) and I went to pay Max a visit. As we both allowed ourselves to speak, we noticed that there was some movement in the energies of the skull. As we spoke and spoke the energies began to quicken enormously and we saw little wheels of Light…chakras…begin to whirl within the crystal.

All of a sudden, a Presence came flying out of the skull with such force that Mae was literally thrown across the room and landed on the floor. I was frozen to the spot in amazement, the energy was so intense, and every emotion was passing through me…including terror. Suddenly a laser of Light shot from out of the heart center of this Being and shot into my heart, and I thought that my life was suddenly coming to a close, that I was about to literally burst into flames. When I could handle no more, this energy grounded into the earth through my body, and from that moment on I found myself to be in telepathic communion with this Presence…whom I call "Tak".

I continued to be downloaded with this strange language, which I could understand through my emotional body, but not with my intellect. However, early on in our relationship I was given the interpretation of Tak's mission, which I received while channeling through a Tibetan crystal:

I come to you openly, in Mind and in Heart.
I come to you through the Corridors of Time.
I come to restore your Gifts, long forgotten.
I come in Remembering, and I come in Truth.
I come in Oneness, and I come in Gladness.
I come with the Blessings of Infinite Love.

Oh turn not away in fear or limitation
Turn not away in distain or despair.
I come with the flame of Freedom Everlasting.
Let us soar through Illusion to the Heart of the Dove.

I hold the Secrets, the Keys to the Mysteries.
I hold the Pattern, and I hold the Plan.
I hold open the Doorways to illumine the Chambers.
Open your Heart and let Me come in.

Open your Mind and enter the Doorway.
Cast off all Entanglements of Time.
Open your Body to the Light of the Heavens.
Open your Pathways to the Light of the Stars.

Open your Gifts to share with each other.
Open your Senses to the Sound and the Light
Open your Being to the Unified Presence.
Reach out to each other, Divine Reflection,
Divine Love.

I wondered, "who is Tak?" Where does he come from, and what does this all mean? I was guided to the book "The Keys of Enoch" by JJ Hurtak, and was stunned to find out that TAK means the constellation of Orion in the Tibetan language. Researching, I discovered that the name TAK appears in the names of two of the three stars in the belt of Orion: MinTAKa and AlniTAK. Hurtak has given much information about TAK and Orion. He writes that Orion is "A threshold of creation from our immediate physical galaxy into the next level of creation within our Father universe, consisting of myriads of super super galaxies."

It so happened that Mayan Elder Hunbatz Men was working with the energy of Orion at the Mayan temples in Mexico at the same time I was working with Tak in the United States, independently of each other for we had not yet met. We were both in preparation for the future work we would do together. Hunbatz writes,"Hunab K'u (which is the Mayan name for God the Creator) placed in the center of his pyramidal house in the heavens, the constellation of Orion, so that it could be the beacon of the great light, the great brilliance. It was flushed with multiple colors that harmonized with the cosmic celestial music of the heavens. Hunab K'u established that the human being could spiritually enter this sacred temple forever."

Max, Joanne Parks, and I traveled throughout the US for almost 3 years together, working with groups of Light workers, both large and small, fulfilling TAK's mission of helping us to remember our oneness. The climax came during our last activation ceremony. A hologram emerged from the skull and filled the entire room. We found ourselves on top of a pyramid engaged in a Mayan fire ceremony. It felt so real that our eyes burned from the smoke and we could feel the heat from the fire. Suddenly we were transported totally off the planet and went flying through space…it felt like we were going through the middle star in Orion's belt…and where we landed we hadn't a clue, for it was so distant that our brains could not bring this information back into this dimension. My work with Max the crystal skull was complete. We had fulfilled our purpose together.

Hurtak wrote, "…at the end of this time cycle, there shall be scriptures of crystal found in the oceans and scriptures of stone found in the land of the Yucatan, and scriptures of Light found throughout the world which shall have name codings of 'Tak', or shall speak of regions identified with cognate forms of the word 'Tak' and the visitations of the true emissaries of Light to this planet in previous ages."

I am currently continuing my unique spiritual work with "Tak" through AMAKUA, a Tibetan crystal skull which I have been honored to now be the caretaker for. I was recently told through AMAKUA that Tak is a collective soul group from Orion, and that their earthly connection is through Shamballa. AMAKUA holds a strong connection to Tak, and keys to entering Shamballa!