Sacred Union
Heaven & Earth
Enhanced with Flower Essences
from the Yucatan, Mexico
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This collection of precious essential oil blends was formulated with the intention of healing and empowering both sides of our body and brain, bringing much deeper balance and reconnection to our two halves to make us feel whole.

The SACRED FEMALE blend works on the right brain, our intuitive side, and the left RECEIVING side of our body. The inflow. It is designed to activate, anoint, and help us to embody our Divine Female Presence. This beautiful blend has now been enhanced with the following Yucatan Flower Essences:
FLOR DE MAYO - for feeling more complete as a woman
PINK VINCA - for transmuting and transforming misqualified sexual energies; GOLDEN SHOWER TREE - to assist us in opening to our own source of emotional nourishment;
NONI - healing emotional aspects that many women have of constantly caring for others and neglecting themselves;
LILY - for connection with the Cosmic and the Divine Feminine.
ROSE - for nourishing and opening the heart chakra.

The SACRED MALE blend works on the left brain, our rational side, and the right GIVING OR EXPRESSING side of our body. The outflow. This blend has been formulated to activate, anoint, and help us to embody our Sacred Male Presence or CHRIST SELF. This powerful blend has been enhanced with the following Yucatan Flower Essences:
WHITE VINCA - for God attunement
SUNFLOWER - to assist in healing our relationship with father issues
FLAMBOYAM - for harmony in communication
GARDENIA - to encourages our real self to come into the world
PINK GINGER - for those who never share their feelings with others.

SACRED UNION works to assist the two sides to merge, to reconnect with each other, so we can feel the exquisiteness of Inner Union, Wholeness, and Oneness. Assisting in this process are these added Yucatan Flower Essences:
SQUASH - helps to dissolve fear of letting go
IXORA - for feeling complete and whole in our sexuality
HELICONIA - for merging dualities

The powerful World Tree Essential Oil blend was created with the intention of assisting us in awakening and reactivating the Sacred Tree of Life inside of the subtle anatomy of each one of us. Our core comprises the trunk and taproot of our tree, and the nadis comprise our branches and root system. The archetypal form of the tree is the basis of every spiritual path on this planet, and the World Tree blend contains essential oils extracted from sacred world trees of many ancient cultures from around the world. Use of this blend during meditation and other spiritual work can assist us in reconnecting with our multidimensionality and to the Unified Field of Oneness.

This newly enhanced World Tree blend has been further activated by adding Flower Essences made from flowers growing in Star's garden in the Yucatan, Mexico. Flower Essences work in deeper subtle levels than essential oils, and when working together can create an even more amazing symphony of healing energies. WATER HYACINTH is a plant which grows in water, and has been said to assist us in transmuting and transforming dense energies held in our emotional bodies. The flowing, watery nature of this essence helps to nourish our internal Tree of Life, assisting us in reconnection to our Higher Mind. BOUGAINVILLEA has been added to give another energetic spectrum of healing. This essence has been said to assist in clearing illusional emotional patterns held in our ancestral lineages, and bring us into the joy and wonder of each moment. WILD ORCHID has a very high vibration which extends into our spiritual bodies, expanding our internal tree and assisting us in reconnecting to the Light and to our spiritual gifts. HIBISCUS is a beautiful essence which works with our chakra systems, assisting us in awakening our creative potential and gifting us with deeper feelings of inner joy and peace.
This very divine collection of essential oil blends was created with the intention of helping us to come into reconnection with the heavenly realms and Higher Worlds above our heads, the Heart of the Sky, to with the Shadowy Underworlds beneath our feet, the Heart of the Earth. To bring the above into the below, and the below into the above.

The CELESTIAL ROOTS blends extends the energy lines, or nadis, emanating from our Crown Chakra far out through our aura and into our Spiritual Bodies. Aids us in truly connecting with our Higher Self, and our Celestial origins. This lovely blend is now enhanced with the following Yucatan Flower Essences:
CROWN OF THORNS - for connection with the Cosmic Christ
ANGELS' TRUMPET - to assist in opening us to visionary states and to open our doors of perception, conscious awareness of spiritual life
FIRECRACKER FLOWER - aids in communication with Higher Self, guidance from the higher realms.

The ANCESTRAL ROOTS blend is for grounding, connecting us with the Heart of the Earth, with the Shamanic Realms, with our Ancestors, and for reclaiming our lost powers. Helping us to come into full embodyment, this blend is now enhanced with the following Yucatan Flower Essences:
ROCKROSE - for aid in releasing and healing fears held in the root chakra
MANDEVILLA - for feeling settled and grounded
JASMINE - for clearing memories of the past, helping us to be in the present moment.

The STABILITY blend contains the circuitries to unite the worlds above with the worlds below, helping us to walk in balance between the two, with our awareness in the present moment. So we can truly walk in our own power and Light. This blend is enhanced with the following Yucatan Flower Essences:
WATER LILY - for expanding our awareness
WILD ORCHID - for greater balance and stability

WORLD TREE BLEND is also included in this collection.