"The healing has touched me deeply, and I feel my heart is open again after a very long time.
I can feel love again, and I am sure this is the begining of a new time for me. I can feel compassion again, and I feel a deep need to be a part of something bigger.
I have no words to thank you, your gift of selflessness has awakened my search for unconditional love again. I hope you open many people, so the world can be healed by it."
--ANDRE VR, Holland

"About the workshop, those two days were two of most memorable days in my life. It was magic, I have never before got so close to God, to myself. When you went to Ladakh, during those ten days I used to connect myself to your energy, I saw golden Buddhas coming out of no-where, lot of golden light emerging, at any point of time I had to compulsorily lock myself in my room and I used to dance, play instruments and chant, it was a mighty force. There was an understanding which was rooting in me. Still some times nostalgia takes over me and I dance, and by the end of it my energy is multiplied 100 fold. I was seeing my child since last one year but I never conceived, later, later I used to see it with astral beings, lower dimensional beings, they were torturing the baby. It was painful to see that, your own baby being tortured. It may be mind's faulty projection, negative enrgy in me or may be anything, but I was suffering for sure. Post our workshop, I conceived!!! As during our workshop in the last phase as I told you, something, negative left my womb, there was piercing pain. There was a bad body ache for the entire week. But whatever was unwanted left me and made space for my little baby. And it is such a bliss. Lastly, I want to convey gratitude to you and the crystal skulls for bringing back light in my life and showering on me the greatest gift of life, Motherhood!!! I am already looking forward to our sessions and workshop next year. May God bless you a trillion times to heal the worthy ones."
--SP, Mumbai, India

What a weekend! Words cannot do justice to the feeling of oneness, love, and power that we generate with your guidance. The sense of community and inclusion that you build is extraordinary and is natural for you. Teacher to teacher, you are 'a natural' at it as it clearly comes from a space of love and joy. On a personal level, the voice I found in Akumal continues to grow in strength and beauty. I attribute that to your 'don' of knowing and allowing me to know that the Light does not fit into any set recipe or technique, but manifests in us all uniquely but as one. Gracias." -- JUEN H., Cozumel, Mexico

"I am so grateful that my life has moved into yours! This May workshop is the 3rd of these workshops I have attended, and I see profound changes in who I am, what I think, and how I act. Thank you so much for your loving energy - and, of course, the skulls too - which have facilitated these changes." -- DONNA K., Cozumel, Mexico

"Oh Star, the beautiful energy weekend was incredible. I feel 15 yrs. younger. What wonderful releases; I see things so much clearer. I knew something was wrong and that I could no longer pull up the earth energy with my old power, but it is back!! I feel the connection now, because of your energy work. Thank you. " -- SANDRA B., Cozumel, Mexico

"Star, I don't have words to express my gratitude for introducing me to this wonderful work."
-- ADELA, Merida, Mexico

"Star, es un verdadero regalo de Dios el re-encontrarte. Yo deseo de todo corazon que trabajemos juntas en la luz, el tiempo siguiente." -- ROSANA D., Merida, Mexico

"An incredible experience, just at the right moment. You and Rob make us feel home, like all the group. We will take and spread the Light all around us, and all this love we felt." -- JOLIEN & ALEX, Merida, Mexico

"Star and Rob, muchas gracias! The workshop was again an event unto itself and perfect. I am so grateful to you for opening the pathway to the magical light-filled place and for gathering the magnificent lightworkers together. I am thankful, we are blessed."
-- AURIEL B., Houston, Texas, USA

"Words could not explain this deep, touching, humming feelings. I just know, that something is changing. Your eyes, your love, the ancient language and Tak touched me so deeply, that it nearly hurts. No, actually it really hurts! It is like fallling in love and not being able to see the beloved one again. I have a strong desire to see or hear you again, and to listen again to these miracle words (my brain was not able to understand but all my cells and of course my heart - they knew). It was like coming home. I cry a lot and I cannot say, that I am feeling fine, because of this strong belonging to...... ?? I don´t know what. I also had the impression, that you knew me so well. That you could see who I am and what for am on this wonderful planet right now. All this confuses me. It is strange, ..... But the main reason for writing you, is to tell you how very, very happy I am that you came into my life (again) and that I want to send you an big THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart." -- CLAUDIA S., Germany

"Since I met you in Tübingen and your crystal skull, I can understand everything better. I asked myself my whole life, why it is so hard and strenuous to live on this planet earth. And now -with your help- I have found the answer. I am a creature of the Stars and Light! It´s so wonderful and unbelievable....! I am so happy to know who I am. When you worked at me, I was at home, really at home. And I felt, that you are a important part of my family!" -- JASMIN W., Tubingen, Germany

"You are so dear to me, dear Sister, no words can tell. My heart feels the cosmic bond we have to each other. I loved your teachings about the crystal skulls and I will keep them in my heart – very slowly a different thinking is opening my mind and when I greet Sister Moon at night my whole body feels that connection and I know I belong to and am part of this beautiful Universe."
-- ELLI G, New York, USA

"I really don't know what to say about this evening. I don't feel that our language has the words to encompass the feelings. We need the ancient esoteric tongue for sure at times like this. How about "amazing", "sweet", "pure", "divine".. I know you know though of how these things move through us and move us.. such an incredible blessing." -- MARK T., Colorado, USA

"Thank you so much for this past weekend. There aren't words to describe how powerful and loving it all was. Still integrating today." -- JUNE C., Calgary, Canada

"Wow, I remember you with deep gratitude dearest, my life changed ever since and now I have a wonderful life of service and travels, so nice to find you again... I always remember you as the one who opened the portals to my new life... bless you so much! Spirit blessed me with your presence as an important part of my awakening, and you did a great job. Blessings my beloved awakener. Spirit has been using my service for the best." -- AUMRAK, Antigua, Guatemala

"I cannot thank you both enough for all the love and energy you both bring to this world we live in...I am so glad to have come here - it was more than I expected and more than I hoped for. Blessings." -- KELLY M., Cozumel, Mexico